"Steve's Big Cypress Swamp"

Hi, I'm Steve, I have been visiting the Big Cypress Swamp, in southern Florida, since 1974. I'm one, of about one hundred private land owners, inside of the Big Cypress National Preserve. The following pages and links will give you feel for the Big Cypress Swamp, the Gladesmen Culture and some of the inhabitants of the swamp, both people and other critters.

Click to hear Alligator Bellow! Bear at Game Feeder
Alligator (Quite Common) Black Bear (Allusive)


Stories, Swamp Lore: These Stories are originated in fact and provide an understanding of events, Gladesmen Culture,  creatures and other inhabitants of the Big Cypress Swamp.

The Beginning Story by Steve

Big Foot story by Jon

Tony's Bear story Tony/Steve

Sharing story by Hoss / Steve
The Sting  story Tony Lost Dog Prairie story by Randy
My Glades    story by Matthew LollyPop Lane story by Steve
Everglades Cold Trip  story by Matthew Wild Hogs   story by Steve
New Trail to Lost Dog story by David Walking with Doe story by Steve
Mystic Turkey Hunt Story by Steve  There is a Sound I Miss story by Steve
Big Cypress Blessing Story by Carolyn Hurricane Wilmas Geology Lesson story by Steve
 Sherry’s Trip  story by Matthew Monroe Station Revisited story by Steve
Prescribed Burn  story by Steve Families Swamp Trip 2007 story by Steve
 A Cracker Boy's Visit Home story by Hugh Spring in the Big Cypress Swamp 2008 story by Steve
Everglades Conservation & Sportsmen Club revisited by steve  Early Summer in the Big Cypress 2008 story by Steve
Big Cypress Swamp's Next Generation story by Steve My Days at Leon’s place story by Dave
Snake Hunting 1960's Story by Dave Fakahatchee Island Home of “Big Pig story by Dave
Gator Holes story by Steve Turkey Hunting in Big Cypress story by Preston
Christmas 1982 story by Ray Big Cypress Swamp 2008-2009 story by Steve
It's not easy to have a Game Feeder in the Cypress   Steve Even A Possum Needs Love story by Dave
Building in the Big Cypress Swamp Story by Steve Big Cypress Swamp - November 2009 story by Steve
Where have all the Wild Hogs Gone? The answer! Big Cypress Swamp - First of 2010 Story By Steve
   I Have Lost the Trails of My Youth
One year in Pictures at the same spot Big Cypress Swamp - Last of 2010
Big Cypress Swamp - 2011  BEARS  Sixpack Zoo  Big Cypress Swamp Turkey Season 
  Prescribed Burn 2017  Bear Visit At Night NEW More Stories 

Airboat Association of Florida

Everglades Conservation and Sportsman Club (ECSC)
Big Cypress National Preserve Government Site
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Big Cypress 2014-2015 Management Area Rules
NPS ORV Information 
Florida Wildlife Federation
Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

        Editorials and Happenings:
Monroe County Loop Road Resolution

Private Property Owners Questions and Answers     NPS Q & A
Exempt Property Owner Warning    BICY Land Protect Plan
Planned ORV Trails -Army Corp of Engineer Permit   
Big Cypress National Preserve -
The Un-official Page
Big Cypress Preserve Brief History and Editorial
Informative Weekend

Birds Eye View of Camp Six Pack

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