Camps of the Big Cypress Swamp

Within the Big Cypress National Preserve is private property. These cabins/properties get different levels of use and care. Some are kept as nice as any home in the suburbs, others are lucky not to have burned down in a forest fire. Some get so little care and maintenance they are close to falling down. All are unique and have a history to them.

Bowling Camp  

Holland Camp

Bolan Camp  

Holland's Camp -  click to see larger picture

Rhoads Camp
  Tolson Camp
Rhoads Camp   Tolson Camp

Kanawha Camp

Little Deer Camp & Airstrip

Woodrum/Sharbana Camp-click to see larger picture  

Little Deer Camp has multiple owners-click for larger picture

Gresham Camp

Mc Intyre Camp

Gresham Camp on Stilts   Mc Intyre Camp

Munz's Camp


(Redmond)-Eichholz/Hull's Camp

Camp near Little Deer Airstrip-Click for larger picture  

Redmond Camp now owned by Hall-click for larger picture


Russell's Tin Camp

Marcos Camp - click for larger picture  

Little Tin Camp near Six Pack- click for larger picture

Quakenasse Hollow Lodge


Quakenasse Camp/Airstrip

Quakenasse Hollow Lodge-click for larger picture



Camp after BCNP Purchased it - Click for larger picture

Stephen's Camp  

Slice of Heaven


Popenhager Camp   Losner Camp
  StairStep Unit 4 
Iron Pot    Rhoads Camp
Stair Step Unit 4    Stair Step Unit 4
Hogs Breath Inn    Sarasota Camp aka Bird Hunters Camp
Hogs Breath Inn
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