The First Day


When Ed realized that the drive wasn't going to work out, he decided to give everone a tour of the area. He took them here and there, pointing out different aspects of the area and other camps. In the late afternoon, he led the group back to camp.

Everyone was tired, but were excited by the sights and sounds they had been exposed to all day. Soon supper was started, and seemly everyone had a their favorite beverage in hand and story to tell about the day. The animals were safe for another day. Everyone on the trip shared in the chores, the ones with cooking skills prepared supper, the ones without, did the dishes. As the sun went down Coleman lanterns were lit. Supper was soon served and enjoyed by all. After dinner dishes were washed, everyone took their turn at cleaning themselves up and preparing for a good nights sleep. Soon it was lights out for a quick trip into dream land. The swamp insects serenading us to sleep.

While Stuart's camp provided shelter and the bare necessities, it was not modern in any way. Water was  provided by a hand pitcher pump  on a shallow well. A bath could be had, by pouring water into a tub and washing in it. The toilet, well it was the old reliable outhouse. No electricity other then batteries. Light was provided by Coleman lanterns. This is the way it was every time we stayed in it  and the way it has remained until just a few years ago. The things it never lacked was camaraderie and friendship, two things Stuart's camp was over flowing with.

One of the great parts of the trip was the camaraderie of the group. Even though there was practical jokes played and tough conditions that everone endured, I don't believe that I ever heard an argument or saw any hard feelings develop over anything. Everyone pitched in and helped when anything needed doing. The next morning some people went on a short hunt, but soon breakfast was prepared and it was time to leave. We all enjoyed our visit, but we were ready to head back to civilization, and hopefully get to see the scenery we missed on the drive in at night.

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