Florida's Vanishing Trail

   The biggest problem with trying to investigate the last untouched sites is the fact that the- landowners / developers have no desire to locate any of these sites for the simple reason that an Archaeological Survey would be required by the state before any development could take place at any of these historic locations. It was with this backdrop that I decided to write - Florida's Vanishing Trail, a 240 page book that describes the last 170 years of exploration and development in South Florida, with rare photographs and one on one interviews from the pioneers (these have been kept in the archives also) and the heretofore undisclosed investigations that the different park systems have conducted. The book is an attempt to continue the work of Charlton W. Tebeau who wrote his Iconic work- Florida's Last Frontier- one of 4 books in the Copeland studies that were written in the 1950s. It was also an attempt to bring to light the placing of the 10 monuments by David Graham Copeland, one of the main engineers of the Tamiami Trail when it was built in the 1920s. Having said all that I will attempt to make this site one that tries to assemble as much information as possible about these missing pieces of the puzzle with the end intent being that at least some of these sites (and there are many) will not only have markers placed at the proper locations but that the general public will finally have the information interpreted to them and also have access to these sites..


James Hammond has lived in South Florida all his life and has spent the last 10 years researching what he believes is the lost history of the Everglades.  Perhaps lost is a misnomer because none of the sites or the research done on the pioneers and historical sites is actually lost, but placed in different archives that are not in general available to the public at large. 

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