Florida's Vanishing Trail

                    FORT SIMON DRUM -1856

Taken directly from the officers reports in the Big Cypress when they fought with the Seminole Indians during the relentless Seminole Wars, Florida's Vanishing Trail brings to your front door the results of the latest research projects that documented not only the historical sites where the epic battles were fought, but reveals to the public for the first time the placing of monuments in the Everglades that have previously never been revealed to the public.

  When reading Florida's Vanishing Trail you will travel on a journey to - Old Fort Dallas in the 1830s (now the city of Miami) through the lower Everglades when the start of preservation in the Everglades eventually led to the establishing of the Everglades National Park.  You will read the first hand accounts from the original diaries of the pioneers and Native Seminole leaders of South Florida who have left their mark on Florida's rich and colorful cultural heritage.  From the beginning of the greatest road ever built - The Tamiami Trail - to the desperate and bloody legends of the 10,000 Islands, Florida's Vanishing Trail is a collection of rare and historic photographs painstakingly taken from the state archives and placed in a time frame that seeks to join the memoirs of the first explorers of the lower wilderness, with the written accounts of the pioneer settlers to the actual locations where historic events with intrinsic importance to Florida's cultural past took place.

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