Florida's Vanishing Trail

 Documents from historical articles about the elusive Billy Bowlegs, leader of the  

                    Seminole people who refuse to surrender 

To letters from the officers of the Seminole Wars outlining their desires to 'win at any cost' and their frustrations from trying to catch an enemy that seems to simply -  vanish into thin air.

From the first passenger train started in the Big Cypress in 1917, to the wholesale logging operations of South Florida that crisscrossed the Everglades until over harvesting by the 1950s led to vast changes to the people and land, Florida's Vanishing Trail explores the reasons behind the policies of the different park systems now in control of the management of 80% of the geographical land area in the Everglades, and why the numerous small towns and villages that were once an instrumental part in allowing S.W. Florida to expand faster than any other part of the sunshine state, are now a collection of ghost towns more numerous than anywhere else in the United States.

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