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Tony: Tony is Dom’s son. Since an acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Tony is like Dom in a lot of ways, but he’s different in a lot of ways too. Tony reminds you of the character played by Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s “Vacation”, but he looks more like a younger Walter Mathau.

Since Tony grew up in South Florida, he’s quite comfortable in the ‘glades, and has bagged quite a few deer and hogs. He knows the tactics of swamp deer, and when he hunts them, he usually puts his stand in some of the ugliest, thickest most cramped places in the woods. He’s often kidded by the other camp members when they tell him there’s no sense in him using a rifle because the longest shot he’s apt to get, is about 20 yards. To this, Tony counters with, “I set up near their escape routes. You guys kick them out of where they bed and graze, and they run right to me.” Judging from his success, I guess Tony’s right…about half the time.

Tony love’s to hunt, golf, bowl, play softball and go fishing…in that order. Of those, he’s best at bowling. He’s bowled 5 perfect 300 games, and carries a 221 average per game. He’s also good at playing practical jokes on people. He really thinks them out, as you’ll soon see as you read on. 

The Players

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